17 What you should Discover Colombian Culture

17 What you should Discover Colombian Culture

I became at the barbershop taking my personal beard cut. Colombian people, foreigners, women, and was the brand new subjects available. Like other a Colombian dude, my barber try informing me personally in regards to the good feamales in Medellin.

I countered which i well-known feminine from other elements of the brand new country. He just chuckled, “My girlfriend try regarding Medellin. She life truth be told there.”

“That must bring to you,” I replied when you look at the mediocre Spanish. Long-point relationships are never enjoyable, but then a crap-restaurants smile found his deal with.

“Es mejor,” the guy grinned ear-to-ear. Are from their girlfriend is top, as he were able to possess other girlfriends on the side. If you’re unfaithfulness isn’t as common during the Colombia due to the fact particular allege, it’s of course an integral part of the latest culture.

Still, Colombia is one of my favorite regions around the world. While you are I am certainly not an expert into the Colombian people, I have picked up into the two things within my time in the country.

Genuinely, it’s hard understand a society totally once the an enthusiastic outsider, however, I am going to create my greatest right here. (mehr …)

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